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Job Description: Massage Therapist

Welcome to Anew You! This is a place to work like nowhere else in Frisco, CO. We do our best to promote a peaceful as well as fun atmosphere to work. However, attention to details must be paid so no one has to work more than what they should do.

In order to work as a Massage Therapist at Anew you, please provide:

  • A copy of your current Massage Therapy Colorado State License
  • A copy of your current Liability Insurance Policy
  • A copy of your work permit, Visa, or green card if foreign


Opening Procedure: (you're the first one to arrive)

  • Arrival time: a minimum of 10 min prior to the appointment
  • Turn on all lights
  • Turn on heaters in the salon when necessary (fall/winter time)
  • Open 1 window (spring/summer time)
  • Turn on music with iPod in the salon on the top of the black armoire
  • Turn on massage table heating pad in the treatment room
  • Turn on hot cabi, and hot stones in the treatment room
  • Turn on fan(s) in the treatment room
  • Prepare 2 wet towels per massage, 5 or more towels for facial massage and put them in the hot cabinet
  • Meet with the clients and make them fill out an intake form
  • Perform the session according to the reservation. Do not go over too long, as you may be booked with only 15mn in between clients. You can be more flexible when 30mn
  • Bring water to the client after massage. I always have a glass of water in the room, before I start the session, so clients have water ready when they are getting dressed
  • Take care of payment
  • Reschedule the client if necessary
  • Sell Gift Certificates when asked ($3.00 commission)
  • Sell products in the salon (7.5% sales commission)
  • Take reservations, or reschedule

Closing Procedure: (You're the last one to leave)

  • Put new sheets on the table for the next session (the table must be with linens at all time, except for sessions performed in the Esthetician's room)
  • Clean up stones
  • Close up all aromatherapy bottles, and products on the shelf
  • Wet and used laundry in the laundry basket
  • Turn off fan(s) in the treatment room
  • Mop treatment room floor when necessary if shoes are kept inside
  • Vacuum all 3 rugs in the salon
  • Log all your sessions for pay check
  • Turn off all heaters in the salon (fall/winter time)
  • Shut and lock front window (spring/summer time)
  • Turn off music
  • Charge the iPod
  • Turn off all lights
  • Lock front door double locks (unless the Esthetician is still working in her room).

House Calls

  • Have a cell phone in service
  • Own your own vehicle and massage table
  • Sheets, blanket, cream, aromatherapy, music, and intake forms are provided in the house call bag
  • Be able to Google map, or Mapquest the itinerary from an address

Interested in this job?

Please call: (970) 668-1310 to set up a phone interview
Please email your resume directly to