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Facelift Massage

The following appeared in the November 2006 issue of The Massage Magazine.

"Facelift massage is a healthy and less-expensive alternative to invasive treatments.

The stress and emotional duress of our everyday lives can show up within the face's muscles and skin. As time progresses, this, coupled with each fleeting expression that crosses our features, accelerates the aging process, leaving us with fine lines, wrinkles, a sagging brow and a dull complexion.

Benefits of Facelift Massage:

- Ideal for skin that is beginning to show a loss of tone
- Iron out small wrinkles
- Remove puffiness and swelling
- Mitigate water retention
- A remedy to sagging naso-labial lines, flatness in the cheeks, and flaccid jaw lines
- Soften furrowed brows
- Feeling of a toning effect, and a softening of lines

The Benefits of  Facelift Massage Are Not Only Cosmetic:

- Deeply relaxing and therapeutic effect that can counter some medical conditions, like sinus problems and TMJ-type problems. 
- Improved lymph drainage
- Relaxed features
- Release of facial tension - which in turn provides a lift to the face 
- Breakdown of constricted connective tissue to supply more glide and movement to the protein fibers
- Increase circulation
- Improves radiance of the skin while it tones the muscles

The experience is further enhanced with warm towels to REHYDRATE, SOOTHE and RELAX the client. The feet and hands are wrapped in hot towels, and foot and hand massages are also given."

Contact Anew You Massage and Spa here in Frisco, Summit County today for an appointment as Facelift Massage is an exciting treatment with a potential to reverse premature aging and breathe life into sagging skin.

Facelift Massage Rates:

30 minute Facelift Therapeutic Massage: $65.00 
60 minute Facelift Therapeutic Massage: $95.00