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Anew You Massage: The Ultimate Wellness Spa

Coping with Pain

Prepare to change and let go of all things which are not contributing your well-being and activate those that are . . .

From stress and illness, move to life and health during your healing journey. At Anew You Massage & Spa, your well-being is our main concern.

Pain ( chronic and acute) is approached with compassion, simplicity, humility, and spirituality through professional bodywork and life-style discussions.

Ask Yourself:

What do you believe is the deepest underlying cause of your problems?
What type of outcome do you expect in regard to your health?
How do things generally turn out for you in others areas of life?
What are some of the things you can do for your self to improve your health?

What do you need to heal?
What would you heal about yourself if you could heal anything at all?
What would you change about yourself or your life if you could?
What would you open up about yourself if you could?

What would you add to your life or to yourself?
What would you take away from your current experience?
What would you unblock in your life?
What would you lift up and make better about your life?
What mental states would you heal if you could heal any mental state you wanted?
Someone who knows you very well, what would they say as something that they would like to see healed in you?
Is there anything else?

These are the simple questions at the base of any healing process.